Bright Futures Farm

Bright Futures Farm

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Services: Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Adoption

Location: Cochranton, PA

Founded: 2000


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 15

Twenty-one years ago, Bev Dee encountered a bay Thoroughbred named Brite Decision. He was sick, lame, and headed for euthanasia when she discovered and fell in love with him, not knowing how the sweet-natured fellow would change her life — and she his. The stakes-placed gelding became the inspiration for Dee’s Bright Futures Farm in northwest Pennsylvania, where he will always be the heart and soul of an enterprise devoted to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding homes for horses in need.

Dee founded Bright Futures in 2000 and has since rescued dozens of horses from undesirable situations. It also is one of the few facilities that will accept aged stallions at its sanctuary.

While providing rehab, reschooling, and veterinary care to potential adoptees and lifetime sanctuary for others, Bright Futures is dependent upon tax-deductible donations and sponsorships.

“We reschool both for high-end disciplines and for everyday riders,” Dee said.

Graduates are placed in pre-screened homes matching their temperaments and ability.

“And we are willing to take back any horse at any time for any reason — no questions asked.”

Bright Futures microchips all of its adoptees. Once a horse is adopted, Bright Futures continues to monitor its status, requiring periodic updates from new owners.

Although adoption is the goal of the organization, Dee recognizes that some horses⁠—due to old age or infirmity⁠—are largely unadoptable. These horses become permanent residents of the sanctuary where their individual needs are met, including special meals, chiropractic care, and acupuncture when necessary.

Bright Futures’ permanent residents include Trusted Company, a 32-year-old daughter of Triple Crown winner Secretariat.

Permanent residents can be sponsored by donations of any size.