Site Inspector — Job Duties

As a TAA Site Inspector, you will be the “boots-on-the-ground” site inspector for the TAA and your mission will be to visually inspect and evaluate Thoroughbred aftercare facilities to determine if these facilities meet or exceed the TAA Code of Standards.
Upon an aftercare facility’s submission and approval of a TAA Application, a site evaluation will be done by a Site Inspector. The Site Inspector’s duties will be as follows:

  • Contact the aftercare facility and coordinate a day and time for the inspection
  • On the day of the inspection the Site Inspector will visually inspect and evaluate the following primary areas:
    • Condition of the horses housed at the facility:
      • Weight
      • Hoof Care
      • Dental Care
    • The facility’s nutritional program:
      • Feed (grain and hay)
      • Water
      • Pasture
    • The condition of the facility’s infrastructure:
      • Paddocks and pastures
      • Fencing
      • Shelter
    • Provide commentary on the facility’s equine program as it exists on the day of inspection, which may include:
      • Rehabilitation
      • Retraining
      • Retirement Sanctuary
      • Adoption
  • After the Site Inspector completes his/her evaluation, he/she will report his/her findings by completing the TAA’s Site Inspection Form and return it to the TAA.