Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa

Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa

TROT’s four “Thoroughstangs,” Rose Classic, Dancing Saints, Mambo Appeal, and Summertime Groove, have lived as a herd for 7 years but each is available for adoption as a companion horse.


Services: Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

Location: Oldsmar, Fl

Founded: 2003


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 9



Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa, commonly referred to as TROT, got its start in 2003 under a different name. In May of 2009, the organization’s name was legally changed to what it is today and turned its focus to Thoroughbred aftercare. More than a decade later, it continues its mission to provide retirement, rehabilitation, retraining, and re-homing for off-the-track Thoroughbreds that raced at Tampa Bay Downs in Oldsmar, Fla.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, TROT is not a rescue operation. All its horses have been donated by their racing connections, and all eventually become available for adoption for various sporting and riding purposes. Those that are pasturesound only are guaranteed sanctuary until that perfect home is found. Pure Pulpit is the organization’s only permanent sanctuary horse.

Once in the program, each horse is treated as an individual, as TROT does not adhere to a onesize-fits-all approach in aftercare. All newcomers receive a minimum of 30 days of downtime to adjust to life after racing. The feed program is tailored to meet the needs of each horse, and all have constant access to forage.

TROT believes in the power of the herd and socialization. New arrivals are exposed to all types of experiences and animals – such as cows, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs, children, and lawnmowers – which helps them become good equine citizens.

Retraining is specialized for each individual as well, with a focus on the basics.

Potential adopters are thoroughly vetted, with an adoption contract requiring regular updates during a probationary period. The horse may be returned to the program for any reason during its lifetime, as long as the organization has room at its facility. Once a TROT horse, always a TROT horse!

Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is funded through tax-deductible donations, fundraisers, grants, and adoption fees.