War Horses at Rose Bower

The shorter, late summer days turned all the bay War Horses into shiny black beauties. Our veteran Thoroughbreds enjoy their retirement at the farm in Appomattox, VA. Credit: Barbara Luna


Services: Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

Location: Appomattox, VA

Founded: 2012

Website: www.warhorsesottbs.org

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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 13

The mission of War Horses at Rose Bower in Appomattox, VA, is to provide aftercare for Thoroughbreds aged 9 or older who come to us directly from the racetrack when they are no longer competitive.

With rehabilitation as our specialty, we tend to the injuries of former stakes winners and hard-knocking runners and allow plenty of letdown time for those who will soon be ready to retrain for new careers. We always provide adopters with current and past veterinary evaluations and racetrack records.

Although many adopters look for younger horses for competition as hunters, jumpers, dressage, or barrel horses, our older geldings are still far away from complete retirement and, with their laid-back personalities, can move easily into these new careers or fulfill the wishes of the many horse people who love the idea of a calm, sound trail horse or a companion.

We offer sanctuary to many “war horses” who are not adoptable due to soundness issues but are perfectly suited for therapy or educational programs.