Industry Stakeholders

  • Stallion Farms
    1. Airdrie Stud
    2. C.F. Farms
    3. Darby Dan
    4. Gainesway Farm
    5. Godolphin
    6. Ocala Stud
    7. Sequel Stallions New York
    8. Shadwell Farm
  • Foundations/Major Gifts
    1. In Memory of Anita E. Anderson
    2. Bob and Jill Baffert
    3. Antony Beck
    4. Blue Grass Community Foundation
    5. Commonwealth
    6. FanDuel
    7. The Bill Hartack Foundation in memory of Anita Stidham
    8. Josham Farms
    9. Seth and Beth Klarman
    10. Klein Family Foundation
    11. W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation
    12. Earle Mack Foundation
    13. Austin and Janie Musselman
    14. The Nearwater Fund
    15. James & Shari Ough
    16. Mary K. Oxley Foundation
    17. Brandon and Diannah Perry
    18. Henry Peterson Foundation
    19. Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • Supporters
    1. Al Bianchi Racing, LLC
    2. Irwin Ackerman
    3. John Adessi
    4. Chuck Allen
    5. Lou Arellano
    6. Laura Barillaro
    7. Hazel Bennett
    8. Sherlyn Blackmon
    9. Bloom Racing Stable
    10. Tami Bobo & Fernando de Jesus
    11. Donna Bernstein
    12. Sharon & Larry Borskey
    13. Mary Bromm
    14. Boyd Browning
    15. Brook Ledge Horse Transportation
    16. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Brothers
    17. Jack Brothers
    18. Susan Bull
    19. Aidan Butler
    20. Calumet Farm
    21. Cambus-Kenneth Farm
    22. Veronica Carranza
    23. Janet Catalona
    24. Roger Chappell
    25. Chiefswood Stables
    26. Come What May Racing
    27. Alan Connor
    28. Jack Damico
    29. Scott Daruty
    30. Mari Davis
    31. Denali Stud
    32. Elm Tree Farm
    33. Mr & Mrs. Alexander Evans
    34. Fanticipate, Inc.
    35. Sue Frost
    36. Staton Flurry
    37. Mr. & Mrs. Bob Gorsky
    38. Eilidh Grant
    39. Emory Hamilton
    40. Paul Harry
    41. Hidden Brook
    42. Mr. & Mrs. Bo Hirsch Jr.
    43. Jeff Hudson
    44. International Equine
    45. Ronald Johnson
    46. Danny Keene
    47. Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers’ Club
    48. Sol Kumin
    49. Kevin Latta
    50. Mark Lavin
    51. Eiko LeMans
    52. Brian Levings
    53. Nick Lotz
    54. Leise Martinez
    55. Elizabeth Berens McCabe
    56. Avery McDaniel
    57. Tom and Cinthia McGreevy
    58. Michael McLoughlin
    59. John and Cindy Middleton
    60. Sabrina Moore
    61. Morning Line Equestrian LLC
    62. Anthony Murabito
    63. MyRacehorse
    64. National Thoroughbred Racing Association
    65. Penelope Neal
    66. Daniel Piazza
    67. Jennifer Pitts
    68. Refocus Portrait Studio
    69. Reeves Thoroughbred Racing
    70. Margeline Roberts
    71. Steven Rocco & Soraya Benitez
    72. Rock Talk Farm
    73. Sherry Ryan
    74. Dan Schafer
    75. Lloyd Schwing
    76. Mary Claire Scollay Ward
    77. Jen Shah
    78. Bill Strauss
    79. Siena Farm
    80. Laura Simcox
    81. Ellen Skidmore
    82. Kim Smith
    83. John Sondereker
    84. South Gate Farm
    85. Grant Stephens
    86. Mr. & Mrs. Perry Sutherland
    87. Kimberly Thurler
    88. Tueting Family Fund
    89. Takahiro Uno
    90. Adam Wachtel
    91. Sheri Waddell
    92. Ric Waldman
    93. Carla Walgenbach
    94. Mary Ward
    95. George Weaver
    96. West Point Thoroughbreds
    97. Westlake Racing Stable
    98. Bryce White
    99. Gibson Wilhite
    100. Traci Winkler
    101. Taylor Made
    • Friends
      1. Janet Balmuth
      2. Andrew Bankuti
      3. Justin Barrick
      4. Remi F. Bellocq
      5. Dionne Benson, DVM
      6. Liam Benson
      7. Simon Bray
      8. Caton Bredar
      9. Michael Beychok
      10. Joanna Bronson
      11. Jill Byrne
      12. Karen Casier
      13. Linda Conroy
      14. Kathy Cooper
      15. Corrosion Solutions, LLC
      16. John Crutcher
      17. Davant Latham Bloodstock & Insurance
      18. Scott Davis
      19. Dean Dorton Allen Ford Charitable Foundation
      20. Megan Devine & Kurtis Coady
      21. Debbie Easter
      22. Robert and Judy Felding
      23. Ashley Flagstad
      24. Frames On Main Gallery
      25. Mike Freeny
      26. Anthony Geraldi
      27. Georganne Hale
      28. Devi Hall
      29. Hart Farm, Inc.
      30. Elgin Hamner
      31. Phoebe Hayes
      32. In the Money Media
      33. Jaimee Kniffen
      34. Sara Kowalik
      35. Courtney Lacey
      36. Viane Lizza
      37. Dr. Nivedita Mankotia
      38. Cheryl Manning
      39. Sheila McCormick
      40. Melissa McKeithen
      41. Metrics Equine
      42. Sing Murphy
      43. Brian Neeld
      44. Lisa ODell
      45. Marianne Ortepi
      46. Matthew Pisano
      47. Recycled Surfacing
      48. Debbie Roark-Sutherland
      49. John and Susan Roberts
      50. Kirk and Elizabeth Rockwell
      51. Mike Rogers
      52. Jeff True
      53. James Serio
      54. James Shircliff
      55. Brad Simon
      56. Bryndon Skelton
      57. Taylor Made
      58. Tim and Jillian Tullock
      59. Gary Vaccaro
      60. Alex and Jayne Waldrop
      61. Nicole Walker
      62. Timothy Waters
      63. Susan Whitcom
      64. Susan Whitlock
      65. Seth Wilkey
      66. Chuck Zacney
  • Aftercare Partners
    1. Beyond the Wire
    2. CARMA
    3. Gulfstream Park Thoroughbred Transition Program
    4. International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses
    5. LRF Cares
    6. Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)
    7. Retired Racehorse Project
    9. Thoroughbred Charities of America
    10. TJC Thoroughbred Incentive Program
  • Allies
    1. Old Friends Japan


If you would like to be listed on the TAA website as a supporter please contact our office. (859) 224-2756

  • It is vital that we take care of our Thoroughbreds both during and after their careers. For all the opinions, ideas, and strategies about promoting the future health of the Thoroughbred industry, I think every breeder and stallion owner can agree on one thing: Horses are our lifeblood. As the ones who are engaged in the breeding of horses, we breeders and stallion owners have the responsibility to do more for these animals. We have the most to gain by meeting our obligations for aftercare, and we have the most to lose if we fail to do so.

    Antony Beck

    CEO, Gainesway
  • It’s not about choosing, it’s about participating. As participants in the sport of Thoroughbred racing, we should all be responsible and do our part. Our horses and our industry depend on it.

    Jimmy Bell

    President, Darley America
  • It is our privilege to see Thoroughbreds at their finest moments in the Breeders’ Cup World Championships and it is this industry’s collective responsibility to see to their aftercare when the celebrations are over. As a proud founding member and supporter of the TAA’s mission and vision, we partner with them in their work and dedication to Thoroughbred aftercare.

    Dora Delgado

    Executive Vice President & Chief Racing Officer, Breeders' Cup
  • The TAA is preserving the sport of Thoroughbred racing by ensuring proper treatment of our equine athletes as they leave racing competition. Effective, efficient, and practical, the TAA provides for the sport what the fans and public require. If you love the sport or participate in the industry, supporting the TAA is not an option, it is an obligation.

    John Phillips

    TAA President; Owner, Darby Dan Farm
  • At 1/ST and 1/ST HORSE CARE, we are committed to achieving the highest level of horse health and safety standards in Thoroughbred racing. It is the collective duty of all industry stakeholders to ensure that these equine athletes are properly cared for—before, during, and after their racing careers. The TAA is an important part of Thoroughbred racing’s ecosystem and our company is proud to support their essential work.

    Belinda Stronach

    Chairman and President, The Stronach Group and 1/ST
  • As a proud TAA Board Member, I have seen firsthand the great work the organization does to protect and care for Thoroughbred horses after their racing careers have ended. As participants and stakeholders in this sport, we owe a duty of care to the equine athletes who are truly the heart of Thoroughbred racing. With an incredible network of accredited partner organizations, the funds received by the TAA quickly and visibly make a big difference. Being a small part of caring for these incredible animals is indeed my privilege.

    Nicole Walker

    Equestrian and Vice President, The Stronach Group
  • It is our responsibility as owners, tracks, breeders, trainers, jockeys, bloodstock agents, and anyone who has a stake in the game to take responsibility for the aftercare of these great animals who are the keystone of our sport.

    Jack Wolf

    TAA Past President; Managing Partner, Starlight Racing