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90 Races to Forever Home: Strike N' Win

90 Races to Forever Home: Strike N' Win

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare was established in 2008 and co-founded by Kelley Stobie. Ever Since then, she has run their wonderful program on her farm in Puerto Rico.

Strike N Win found his way into Kelley’s program in 2017, though the circumstances of how he ended up on the island remain a mystery. There is no documented record of him being part of a sale or any evidence of him being brought to Puerto Rico. Kelley distinctly recalls the day she picked him up from the racetrack, primarily because of his evident apprehension when it came to trailers. It took some time and effort, but eventually, Strike managed to load onto the trailer, although not without a fair share of scrapes and bruises along the way.

Strike, a 15-year-old bay gelding, had an impressive racing career in Puerto Rico, competing in a total of 90 races. Kelley had an immediate sense that there was something special about him from the very first moment she saw him. It was clear to her that she needed to bring him home and give him a chance for a new life beyond the racetrack.

Being a seasoned racehorse with 90 starts, it would be expected that he would be a pro at loading onto trailers. However, Kelley had plans to find him a new forever home through adoption, so it was crucial to address his fear of trailers. They approached this process with great patience and care, taking things step by step. Over time, Strike was able to conquer his fear and learned to load onto a trailer easily, making him more appealing to potential adopters who could offer him a happy and loving home.

Strike became a barn favorite when he arrived at Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare. “He is a blessing and always the first horse to greet people and be part of everyone’s conversations,” Kelley wrote about Strike’s lovely attitude. Strike can even freely roam the farm with his buddy Galen, a retired Paseo horse. He loves being able to check in on everything and oversees the farm operations. Kelley ended up adopting Strike after about 5 months on her farm.

Later that year in September, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rice, wreaking havoc and destroying a lot of the island. Thankfully Strike and 12 others on Kelley’s farm made it through.

Kelley’s increasing responsibilities and the growing popularity of her farm have limited her opportunities to ride Strike as often as she used to. Nevertheless, she loves him so much, and riding him is still a cherished and delightful experience when she gets the chance to do so.

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