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Badge of Trust

Badge of Trust

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Susan Samascott found African Badge through a friend who originally considered him as a potential candidate for a student within her training program. Unfortunately, the friend’s student was intimidated by African Badge’s substantial size and chose not to proceed with the adoption. Still impressed with the unraced handsome bay Thoroughbred as a riding prospect, the friend contact Susan hoping that African Badge might be a good match for her instead.

Susan scheduled an appointment with ACTT Naturally, hopped into her car, and journeyed to Greenwich, New York. In no time, she found herself completely smitten with African Badge, now known as Cairo. Cairo had experienced two previous adoptions before Susan, both resulting in his return to the adoption center. This was not the fault of the horse; the most recent return was due to the unfortunate unexpected passing of the previous owner. After hearing his story and spending some quality time with him, Susan was certain that Cairo belonged with her.

At the time, Susan had found herself in a challenging spot with riding due to some accidents involving her previous horse. “He needed a forever home, and I needed a horse to help me get over a fear of riding,” Susan explained. “It just felt right.” The connection between them felt undeniable—it was as if they were meant to find each other.

Susan has enjoyed owning Cairo for about a year now and cherishes their partnership. He has played a significant role in helping her overcome her fear of riding, while she, in turn, has assisted him in refining his retraining after coming off the track. Together, they’ve formed a strong bond and have made remarkable progress. Their journey has been further enriched with the guidance of a dedicated trainer who has been pivotal in their growth and fostering trust between the pair.

Cairo has proven to be the trail horse Susan had always envisioned. His steadfastness and reliability make him the perfect companion for their trail adventures. Every day, Susan is filled with gratitude for Cairo’s timely entrance into her life. Before meeting Cairo, Susan had endured a series of unfortunate experiences with horses and was on the brink of giving up riding altogether. Sometimes, a single extraordinary horse has the power to completely transform one’s perspective on riding. As Susan pondered her riding future, Cairo emerged as the solution. Despite carrying their respective traumas, they found solace and healing together, their journey becoming a source of peace as they worked in harmony.

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