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Andrea and Britta’s Journey

Andrea and Britta’s Journey

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Andrea McGowan adopted her first LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society graduate in 2010. The organization was recommended to her by a friend, who exercised racehorses at Woodbine, as being a trusted source for horse adoption. Creemore was Andrea’s equine partner for 11 years before his well-deserved retirement in 2021.

After retiring Creemore, Andrea knew where to look for her next horse. “There was no question of where I’d find my next partner in crime,” Andrea declared. Rule the Sea, now known as Britania or Britta for short, raced 7 times at Woodbine Racetrack and Fort Erie Racetrack from 2020 to 2021, earning a total of $6,794. She was just a couple of days off the track when Andrea rode her for the first time at LongRun.  “It was just about love at first sight,” wrote Andrea. Britta was all business, seemingly unbothered by the pigeons that flew around in the area. “She just put her feet down in such a confident, classy way,” Andrea said.

Andrea quickly recognized Britta as the smartest and quickest horse she has ever had the pleasure of riding. The pair progressed rapidly in their training. They competed in their first Hunter/Jumper show just 18 months after Britta’s adoption, pinning in every class they entered. “In her first Jumper class, she turned and burned like a pro,” Andrea remarked. Soon after their successful first show, they tried their hand at short-course Eventing.

Andrea has big goals for herself and Britta, but most importantly, she wants to enjoy every second that they have together. Her ultimate goal is to have as many wonderful adventurous years with Britta as she did with Creemore. “I look forward to Britta becoming a great all-rounder,” Andrea shared. She hopes to continue to progress in Dressage, participate in lots of clinics, and continue to show in the Jumpers. Andrea expressed, “I’m so grateful to Longrun and the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance for giving these superb athletes the chance to shine in their post-racing life.”

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