Central Virginia Horse Rescue

Chets Packin Heat, who has been in rehabilitation at CVHR since February 2023.


Services: Rehabilitation, Adoption

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

Founded: 2010

Website: www.centralvahorserescue.org

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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 35

Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Inc (CVHR) is a Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries Accredited 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the compassionate care of equines. Our mission is to save, protect, and rehabilitate equines in need. We rescue unwanted, abused, neglected, and abandoned equines; provide them with care and rehabilitation; and finally find them a compatible, loving home. We believe that education is the long-term solution to improving the lives of equines. Founded in 2010 in Brunswick County, VA, CVHR moved to Fredericksburg amidst the global Covid pandemic in 2020.

Through our initial equine rescue program, CVHR regularly worked with Thoroughbred owners who needed to find placement for their horses. The decision was made to focus our rehabilitation skills towards helping our Thoroughbred racing partners by providing a facility that not only was capable of offering rehabilitation but also retraining into new careers off the track. CVHR employs 4 staff members, 2 onsite trainers, and over 50 volunteers each month whose love and passion provide care to over 130 equines annually.