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The Unbreakable Bond

The Unbreakable Bond

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Morgan’s anticipation grew as she awaited the outcome of her pending adoption application at Thoroughbred Athletes. She had high hopes for finding a special equine companion, one that would form a deep bond with her, just as she intended to care for the horse.

Morgan understood the importance of selecting a horse that would match her temperament and riding style. She was looking for a horse that would not only be a reliable partner but also a friend. She envisioned a horse that could share adventures, be a source of comfort, and provide a sense of trust and connection.

Lynn Sullivan, the founder of Thoroughbred Athletes, had an eye for matching horses with their ideal companions, and she knew she had found the perfect match for Morgan. The horse Lynn had chosen was Claudettes Glitter, and from the very first moment Morgan met her, it was clear that she had found her unicorn.

Glitter had a warm and affectionate personality that immediately drew Morgan in. The horse’s cuddly nature and strong desire for love and attention touched Morgan’s heart. Her calm demeanor and soft, soulful eyes seemed to convey a sense of trust and a longing for a close connection.

But what truly sealed the deal for Morgan was Glitter’s love for butt scratches. Morgan couldn’t resist. It was in that moment, while showering the horse with love and seeing how happy it made her, that Morgan knew she had found her perfect horse.

With excitement and gratitude, Morgan made the decision to bring Glitter home, knowing that their bond would be something truly special, filled with love, trust, and countless cherished moments together.

Glitter is making remarkable progress in her retraining. Given her youth, Morgan is taking a deliberate and cautious approach to help her adapt to her new role. Currently, Morgan is currently working towards making her a hunter. Glitter loves to take long relaxing trail rides and bask in the sun on their walks.

A recent diagnosis of kissing spine has placed a limit on Glitter’s jumping activities to prevent further injury.

Overriding dorsal spinous processes, also known as “kissing spine”, occurs when the vertebrae in a horse’s spine are too close together, causing the small bits of bone that extend upward from the vertebrae to “kiss” together. The lack of space between these bones reduces mobility in the back and in turn causes pain and/or discomfort as the spinous processes interfere with each other. It is one of the leading causes of back pain in equines, but can be treated in a variety of ways, one of which includes surgery.

Her ultimate goal is for Glitter to be not just a companion but her dearest friend and trusted partner. Professional ambitions or competition goals aren’t their primary focus. Instead, they love the simple pleasures of joy riding and evolving together.

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