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Don Ramon: A Family Man

Don Ramon: A Family Man

By: Alexis Arbaugh

When Ruth began her search for horses, her heart was set on finding a friendly and dependable Quarter Horse. This love for Quarter Horses had been passed down through her family. However, when Ruth decided to try out Don Ramon, an off-the-trach Thoroughbred, at Circle A Home For Horses her family didn’t quite approve of her change of heart.

Even though Ruth developed a strong attachment to Don Ramon during her trial, she made the difficult decision to leave him behind in order to honor her family’s preference for Quarter Horses. Unfortunately, while she was with other horses, Don Ramon was adopted by someone else. Ruth left the facility with no horse and a broken heart.

Six months later, Don Ramon was returned to the rescue through no fault of his own. Ruth interpreted this as a serendipitous sign that they were meant to be together. Without hesitation, she rushed to Circle A Home For Horses, retrieved Don Ramon, and welcomed him into her home.

“He’s a big baby,” wrote Ruth when talking about Don’s temperament. She adores his warm and kind-hearted nature; he seems to always want to be around people. He loves the attention and love he receives from Ruth and her family.

Ruth describes Don Ramon as a “gentle giant” due to his attentiveness and careful nature, always being aware of his surroundings. Don’s extraordinary qualities shine when it comes to Ruth’s husband, who has epilepsy. He is not just sweet but also incredibly considerate, providing exceptional care and support when they are together. Don also loves their children and is mindful of their age and horse experience, making him the ideal family horse.

Ruth started retraining Don as both an English and Western horse, leaving it up to him to see which style he liked more. Their partnership has made the process seamless and highly effective. Nothing fazes them so the process has been very smooth and productive. He is willing to try and do anything that is asked of him, “I’ve never encountered such a cooperative training experience,” wrote Ruth when commenting on Don’s retraining. They love trail riding together after a long day of work.

Ruth has big plans for both herself Don and the future, including the possibility of venturing into the world of jumping and Eventing. Don has so much heart for everything that he does. He just wants to make Ruth happy and will do and learn anything for her. He’s more than willing to undertake new challenges and acquire new skills to ensure her happiness.

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