Healing Arenas

Maiko Healing Arenas

Malko (IRE), a Healing Arenas retraining program graduate who was adopted in July 2020. Dionne Mortimor Photography

Services: Retraining/Adoption, Equine-Assisted

Location: Gardnerville, NV

Founded: 2014

Website: healingarenas.org

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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 6


At Healing Arenas, we are proud to serve these fine athletes at the track, and appreciate our relationships within the racing industry who trust us enough to retrain and rehome Thoroughbreds from our facility.

Our organization has found ways these former racehorses can evolve by using them for EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association) work with humans. Our certification through EAGALA has allowed us to provide ground-based therapies to veterans, foster children, individuals and couples, groups, and human trafficking victims.

In 2020, Healing Arenas added virtual “life coaching” with the horses to our mental health services.

Providing these services fulfill our mission “to provide public and charitable opportunities to support emotional healing through equine interaction, and to provide safe and restorative homes to retired racehorses.” It is our hope to continue our mission in multiple locations as we move forward as an organization.