Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue

Heart of Phoenix team with Lord Shamrock (right), the first horse helped by the organization.
  • Services

    Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

  • Location

    Shoals, West Virginia

  • Founded


  • Average Number of Thoroughbreds


Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is West Virginia’s largest and most effective equine advocacy organization. Founded at a time when there were no active organizations in the area, Heart of Phoenix works throughout Appalachia with a united group of volunteers and partners to improve the outlook for horses in the region.

The organization assists local animal control and law enforcement officers, educates the public, and has become a leader in the local equine industry, creating lasting and positive change. As an advocate for all horses in Appalachia, where poverty is rife, the nonprofit knows the need for education and assistance in the region.

Heart of Phoenix strives to work at the root of area issues through clinics, educational events, blogs, and other in-person services to be advocates for good horsemanship and a strong equine industry in the region.

The organization’s focus is to improve the outlook for horses, not only the horses currently in its care but for the long term. Horses in its care receive the rehab and training they need to become awesome equine partners for adopters.

Heart of Phoenix also strives to create more good horsemen and horsewomen, so there are more suitable homes and fewer horses in need of rescue and assistance. The horses of this region have a valuable voice thanks to Heart of Phoenix’s supporters.

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