Hope for Horses

Hope for Horses


Services: Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Adoption

Location: Galt, CA

Founded: 2013

Website: hope4horses.com

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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 32

Better is a never-ending quest. Here at Hope for Horses, we continue to evolve in our efforts to showcase our re-careered Thoroughbreds.

Our goals of transitioning these magnificent animals into other disciplines include providing training and mental/emotional wellness. We believe educating, training, and molding our charges makes them better prepared to find lifelong and forever homes.

Anita Markiewicz, president and founder of Hope for Horses, is a Level II Centered Riding instructor, a Certified CHA (Certified Horsemanship Associate) instructor, and has decades of experience in dressage and horsemanship. By offering this experience and continuing to learn and grow, Hope for Horses helps our horses become good equine citizens, ready to go into many different areas of equestrian life.

As an education-based facility, Hope for Horses offers continued lessons and training to all its adopted horses as well as other horses in the community. Nationally known clinicians are brought in several times a year to broaden staff knowledge. Hope for Horses is part of The Forever Foundation with Trevor Carter, a talented horseman. His online video lessons and challenges give us goals to achieve with each horse, working from where each horse is individually.

Hope for Horses maintains a presence in many venues promoting the greatness of retired racehorses. We are active at our state’s horse expos and fairs. As part of the California State Fair, we showcase our teams in quadrilles and performances with several shows daily.

Educating the general public about our horses and how we help them learn a new life has brought many to join the equestrian community, providing more homes for more horses.