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Jetting Away to a Good Home

Jetting Away to a Good Home

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Jennifer took her time to find the right horse for her. After several months of patiently waiting to find her dream horse at Thoroughbred Athletes in Oklahoma, she knew that Jetting Away was the one she wanted to bring home.

She wanted to make sure that her future horse was everything she wanted and fit with her so instead of picking out a horse from the Thoroughbred Athletes website, she called and got personalized help with matching her with a horse. Jennifer told the volunteers there exactly what she was looking for in a horse and they knew right away which OTTB would be best.

In her quest to find the perfect horse that matched her needs and personality, Jennifer opted for a more personalized approach instead of simply selecting a horse from the Thoroughbred Athletes website. She reached out and sought assistance from the volunteers, providing them with specific criteria for her ideal horse. Right away they knew which OTTB would be the perfect match for Jennifer.

Upon gathering as much information as possible about Jetting Away, including the fact that he had been at the facility for more than 400 days, Jennifer made the decision to travel with her family to meet and bring him home.

As soon as Jennifer and Jetting Away met, it became evident that he was in need of someone to love and care for him, and Jennifer was committed to being that person. Gazing into his eyes, she could sense a spark of energy and spirit within him that was ready to be unleashed, and she anticipated the enjoyable journey they were about to embark upon together.


Just 24 hours after arriving at the farm, Jetting Away had already acclimated and began to reveal his true personality. He thrived on the attention he received and was eager to let everyone know he had arrived and loved his new life. Almost immediately, Jetting Away formed strong bonds with his pasture and barn companions, displaying a playful and affectionate nature towards them.

Jennifer has big plans for Jetting Away, hoping to transform him into a Western star. Her goals include teaching him the skills to work with cows, excel in Playdays, which involve navigating timed obstacle courses, and become coordinated enough to participate in Drill Team events. During their downtime, they love going on relaxing trail rides and adventuring.

Jennifer is very grateful for Thoroughbred Athletes, as they provided exceptional care to Jetting Away for over 400 days, ultimately enabling her to adopt him. She enthusiastically stated, “Adopting the OTTB was the best decision,” expressing her deep appreciation for the organization and her newfound connection with her beloved horse.


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