Lollypop Farm

Lollypop Farm

Credit: Red Mare Beware Photography

Services: Rehabilitation, Adoption

Location: Fairport, NY

Founded: 1873


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 15-20

Established in 1873, Lollypop Farm is the largest animal welfare organization helping pets and people in the Greater Rochester area. Together with the community, the organizations betters the lives of animals through justice, prevention, and life-saving care.

With the main campus in Fairport and four other adoption centers throughout the community, the organization provides shelter, care, and adoption for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, horses, and other farm animals.

Lollypop Farm’s efforts to save equines in the Rochester area has continued to expand the addition of Evelyn Z. Diehl Training and Rehabilitation Center, growing equine team, and new community education programs.

Lollypop Farm is an independent nonprofit organization supported solely through contributions, grants, investments, proceeds from retail sales, and fees for programs and services. For more information and to meet adoptable animals, please visit