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The Perfect Wedding Gift

The Perfect Wedding Gift

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Sam Taylor was searching for an ideal hunter-style horse for a client of hers when she discovered Perfect Harmony at New Beginnings Thoroughbred Rescue.

Sam, aware that Nikki McKinley, Co-Director of New Beginnings Thoroughbred Rescue, had a reputation for receiving many well-minded off-the-track Thoroughbreds, decided to contact her. She inquired about any calm hunter-type horses available in Nikki’s barn as a potential match for her client. Nikki knew right away which horse to set her up with.

They arranged for Sam to visit for a trial ride Perfect Harmony. Instantly drawn in by the large grey Thoroughbred, she fell in love. Although she was looking for a horse for her client, she knew she had to have this horse for herself. After a delightful ride and looking into his gentle eyes, she managed to persuade her husband to adopt Perfect Harmony as a heartfelt wedding present for her.

Not to worry, Sam still made time to find her client another perfect horse. After matching her client with her perfect horse, they are very happy with their choice.

Perfect Harmony was taken home as soon as possible and became Sam’s number one guy. She gave him the barn name Flynn. He arrived at the barn with an eagerness to please Sam and participate in whatever Sam had planned for them. “He really stepped up to the plate,” wrote Sam.

Soon after his arrival Sam had to retire her 1-meter jumper because of a bone chip in his stifle, Sam was extremely heartbroken. However, Flynn’s wonderful attitude and perfect ride made her feel like she had found another heart horse.

Fortunately for the pair, they share the same love for horse showing. They are currently competing in 2’9- 3’ Hunter divisions at rated shows, consistently placing against Warmbloods. Their goal within the next year is to qualify for and participate in the Working Hunter Finals hosted at the Prince George Equestrian Center in Maryland in 2024.

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