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Bound by Love: Cortez and Melissa

Bound by Love: Cortez and Melissa

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Melissa had been working at Redwings Horse Sanctuary when Sea of Cortez arrived. The stunning dark bay caught her eye immediately. The sweet and soft expression in his eyes made Melissa fall in love with him. Cortez seemed to only know how to love and be kind because that’s what made him stand out among the slew of other horses at Redwings. His thick and strong build made him seem more intimidating than he was.

Melissa had been dedicated to her work at Redwings Horse Sanctuary for many years, caring for and tending to the various horses that found their way to the sanctuary. However, when Sea of Cortez arrived, it was a moment she would never forget.

The moment she laid eyes on Sea of Cortez, Melissa was captivated. There was something special about him that set him apart from the other horses at the sanctuary. It was as if he had an aura of sweetness and gentleness that radiated from him.

While his strong and thick build might have seemed intimidating at first glance, it was only a testament to his resilience and strength. Despite his appearance, Sea of Cortez was a gentle giant. He had a way of making people feel at ease in his presence as if he knew that his purpose in life was to provide comfort and solace to those around him.

As Melissa continued her dedicated work at the sanctuary, her bond with Sea of Cortez deepened each day. Inevitably, Melissa found herself longing to make Sea of Cortez a permanent part of her life. After careful consideration, Melissa came to the decision that she couldn’t imagine her life without Cortez by her side. She officially adopted him and welcomed him into her home.

Due to the efforts of Melissa and the other dedicated Redwings employees at the sanctuary, Sea of Cortez had some retraining during his stay. This preparation meant that he was well-prepared to transition to his new home with Melissa.

Having an athletic build made it easy for Cotez to do the things that Melissa asked of him with ease. It was apparent that he was naturally suited for a wide range of activities, making it easy for him to excel in the tasks Melissa asked of him. It was as if he were designed for anything but a career as a racehorse. Cortez’s intelligence was another remarkable quality. His smart brain meant that he understood what was being asked of him and the reason behind it. So he never fussed or put up a fight over work. Sea of Cortez could seamlessly transition from jumping to herding dummy cows, or even enjoying leisurely trail rides. He adapted effortlessly to each new activity.

Melissa would love to make Cortez into an Eventer one day. With his training going as good as it is now, they should be going to shows any day now. She is very excited and feels blessed to have a horse like Cortez in her life. “I don’t know how I was so fortunate to wind up with him,” she wrote when reminiscing on her journey with Cortez.

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