TAA Benefits from @BetKeeneland During Spring Meet

@BetKeeneland check presentation April 27, 2018

Keeneland’s newest Twitter handle, @BetKeeneland, plays both an informational and philanthropic role. Introduced last fall, @BetKeeneland delivers real-time handicapping tips and insights to horseplayers each race day and also benefits an industry cause through its Handicapper of the Day Series.

Among the celebrity handicappers this 2018 spring meet were NBC Sports’ lead handicapper Eddie Olczyk, former ABC Sports horse racing broadcaster Dave Johnson and Tom Leach, voice of the UK Wildcats football and men’s basketball teams. A total of $5,193.55 in winnings was raised to help fund the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance.

“The TAA is grateful to Keeneland for their continued support of accredited aftercare and allowing us to be a part of @BetKeeneland during the spring meet,” TAA president John Phillips said.

“We’re thrilled with how the handicappers did and we’re grateful for their support as well. These funds will be used to retrain, rehome, or retire thousands of off-track Thoroughbreds through the TAA network of 64 accredited organizations with 170 facilities in North America.”

Read more from a few of the selected handicappers of why they played for @BetKeeneland and the TAA:

Playing @BetKeeneland is a no brainer. TAA is a strong, respected organization in our industry. Everyone should be anxious to help this great organization.” — NHC winner Judy Wagner

I have been lucky enough to travel the world, all thanks to the horses. I owe them my life—and I feel it’s only fair to return the favor!” — XBTV’s Zoe Cadman

I decided to play because anytime we can help out the retired horses we need to take it. These animals often get forgotten and it is a wonderful thing you guys do.” — FatBaldGuyRacing.com’s Dan Cronin

I play for TAA because I owe everything I’ve ever achieved and won in horse racing to the horses. Giving time and money to the horses that have provided my family with great moments and life-changing events is not only the right thing to do but also the ethical and moral thing to do for the horses. My hope is that more horseplayers will realize this and help out.” — NHC winner Michael Beychok

Photo courtesy of Keeneland