TDN Q&A: Craig Bernick

Article published on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 in the Thoroughbred Daily News

Glen Hill Farm’s Craig Bernick joined the board of the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, the charitable organization formed to distribute funds to racehorse retirement and retraining facilities that it accredits, in 2013. He has also been cited as a model donor when it comes to retirement, volunteering his time and money to the cause. The TDN’s Sue Finley sat down with Bernick, who now serves on the TAA’s advisory board, during the Keeneland November sales to discuss what a model giver looks like, where the TAA is hitting the mark, and where the organization and the industry could do better.

TDN: I’ve been told that you are a model horse owner when it comes to retirement. What does that look like to you and your family, and how should it look to others?

CB: I think everybody who puts their hands on a horse, whether they’re a blacksmith, whether they drive a van, work for a feed company, whether they’re a jockey agent, a horse agent, whether they own a farm, whether they work on a farm, their livelihood depends upon the survival of the horse business and the horse industry. And I think the care of horses when they’re no longer, frankly, “of use” for racing or breeding, a lot of those horses have a long time to live and it’s very important for the sake of our industry long-term that we take care of those horses, so I think everybody has to do their part. And I think most horses owners do. We give extra. We give to rescue organizations, we help the TAA in a significant way beyond the mandatory funding, but I think collectively it’s important that people give money.

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