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the adventures of starship chewy

The Adventures Of Starship Chewy

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Ashley Kruse was browsing through Remember Me Rescue’s Facebook page when she happened upon Starship Chewy’s listing. Intrigued, she made an appointment with the organization to meet him. Ashley traveled to the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredited organization located in Burleson, Texas, eager to meet this promising horse.

Starship Chewy, a 2015 gelding, had a racing career that spanned six years, during which he competed 45 times across California, New Mexico, and Arizona, earning a total of $45,882. His racing days behind him, Chewy was ready for a new chapter.

During her first ride on Chewy at the ranch, Ashley quickly fell in love with his stoic personality. “There was a banner that was waving in the breeze, Chewy did not seem bothered by it and even allowed me to walk him up to it while I was mounted,” Ashley shared. Chewy’s calm and alert demeanor impressed her. An incident in the barn further cemented her admiration for him. As Ashley was unsaddling Chewy, a goat in a nearby stall jumped up on the gate, causing a loud ruckus. Chewy simply flinched, turned his head to look, and calmly realized it was not a threat. Ashley knew then that Chewy’s composed mind made him the perfect trail horse.

“Chewy is doing amazing now,” Ashley reported. She has taken him to various events and exposed him to numerous new experiences. Together, they have attended a horsemanship clinic, participated in playday events, and carried flags in local parades. On their camping trips, Chewy has encountered wagons, cannons, gunshots, being high-lined overnight, flags, and many other noises, all of which he handled without issue. Even on trail rides next to busy highways, Chewy remains unfazed by the noise and commotion.

Ashley believes Chewy deserves a “slow life” after his competitive racing career. She has no desire to compete with him, preferring to enjoy a relaxed and “chill” life together. “Chewy has an incredible spirit and mind,” Ashley wrote. “He has surpassed my expectations with so many things I have thrown at him.”

On Sunday mornings, when the weather is nice, Ashley, Chewy, and his “brother” Rocket, another gelding, go to the Lone Star Cowboy Church of Limestone County to greet churchgoers at the gate before service. This has become a cherished routine for them.

Ashley hopes to try mounted shooting with Chewy one day, but her primary goal is to ensure he remains happy, healthy, and enjoys a peaceful life filled with new adventures. “He is the perfect boy,” Ashley concluded, expressing her gratitude for having Chewy in her life and her plans to keep him as part of her family forever.

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