Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga

Kid Blast, a 13-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, enjoys the company of his little friends.


Services: Sanctuary, Equine-Assisted

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

Founded: 2018


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 6

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga, founded in 2018 by Erin and James Sisk, is a Saratoga Springs, NY retirement and re-training facility which offers therapeutic partnerships for its horses.

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga serves as a sanctuary for retired Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses. After transition into the herd, each retired racehorse is trained to participate in equine assisted therapy for individuals with mental health issues.

Erin carries 25 years of experience in the mental health field with a PhD in Psychology and 18 years running her own business at ECS Psychological Services, PC – the mental health program that partners with Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga to provide equine assisted therapy. This partnership ensures that individuals are receiving professional care from a licensed mental health professional along with a highly trained equine partner.

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga specifically focuses on providing a permanent home for unsound or injured horses who may not have a second career in riding. The focus on rescuing particularly vulnerable retired racehorses combined with their participation in mental health services, fills a particular niche in the Capital Region.

Horses that come to Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga enjoy a leisurely retirement in rolling pastures on a 27-acre property located just 5 miles from Saratoga Racecourse. Horses are incredibly intuitive beings, and Thoroughbreds in particular tend to enjoy a job after racing. This relationship between human and horse is a mutually beneficial and incredibly inspiring experience.

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga helps provide equine assisted therapy for people of all ages but is a particularly successful mental health treatment modality for children and teens struggling with poor self-esteem, anxiety, problem solving and coping skills, as well as veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress.

Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga is a largely volunteer-based organization who relies heavily on their team for the care of their horses.


Therapeutic Horses of Saratoga Success Stories

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