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Thoroughbred geldings enjoying life at United Pegasus Foundation in their new paddock in Tehachapi, CA.
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    San Jacinto, California

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In 2024, United Pegasus Foundation (UPF) celebrates its 30th year as one of the oldest and largest Thoroughbred horse rescues and sanctuaries in California.

Founded in 1994 by Helen Meredith, United Pegasus Foundation has rescued and provided sanctuary for hundreds of off-the-track Thoroughbreds as well as off-commercial farm Thoroughbred racehorses. The goal has always been to provide a soft landing for racehorses that desperately needed one.

From its humble beginnings in Meredith’s backyard to a 52-acre ranch in Tehachapi, CA, United Pegasus Foundation has remained committed to ensuring that every horse deserves a second chance regardless of money won, pedigree, or injury. A majority of the horses taken in by UPF are permanent retirees. Horses who come to UPF are first rehabilitated from whatever injury they may have and are acclimated to their new environment. Once their rehabilitation is complete, the horse is introduced to a group where they buddy up and live their life as part of a herd.

United Pegasus Foundation is home to around 150 horses at any given time. These horses have participated in more than 2,300 races and have combined earnings exceeding $12 million. We work with aftercare partners to find homes for younger horses who need a second career and assist with the rehabilitation of those coming off the tracks who have career-ending – and in some cases life-threatening – injuries.

The hard work of Meredith and her team is a testament that Thoroughbred retirement is not just a dream but a reality. United Pegasus Foundation is making sure that the athletes who perform for us today will be cared for and allowed to live a great life with new adoptive homes or in retirement herds.

There is beauty in watching the farm’s herds run around as if they were in the wild, while at the same time maintaining that human bond that they had when they were born.

United Pegasus Foundation is grateful that the racing industry is committed to taking care of the athletes that make the Sport of Kings one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world.

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