Vindication Alley

The TAA Holiday Giving Campaign supports the tireless efforts made by our accredited organizations to find forever homes for retired racehorses across North America. OTTBs like Vindication Alley have made their way from Puerto Rico back to the continental United States thanks to the generosity from donors who make it all possible.

After 12 starts in the States, the son of Flower Alley ran an additional 23 races at Camarero Race Track in Puerto Rico. In 2020, “Vinny” was able to return home to the mainland with the help of TAA-accredited Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare and the willingness of TAA-accredited aftercare charities in the U.S. to take in these horses upon their return.

“Vindication Alley came to Friends of Ferdinand as part of a partnership we do with TAA-accredited Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare,” said Friends of Ferdinand Vice President, Erin Durham. “Every year we strive to help them bring Thoroughbreds back to the mainland, and the network created by the TAA has been influential in helping us create these partnerships with other accredited organizations.”

Upon arrival at Durham’s farm, one of Friends of Ferdinand’s Indiana-based facilities, it was obvious Vindication Alley would require intensive care before he was ready to be placed for adoption. 

“Vinny, as I affectionately call him, came to us needing surgery on both front knees to remove chips that were residual injuries from his racing career,” Durham recalled. “Luckily, we were able to facilitate that immediately.”

By the time Vinny was released from the hospital to begin his rehab and retraining back in Durham’s care, the Florida-bred gelding had already found a forever home.

“For me it was love at first sight when he came to me for foster care, and I knew he wasn’t going anywhere Vinny was home,” Durham said.

Thanks to Vinny’s strong-willed personality, his rehabilitation went smoothly, allowing for his retraining to begin.

“We have formed a bond that is unbreakable,” Durham said. “From herding cattle, mounted archery, camping, and exploring the trails all over the Midwest- we are doing it all.”

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