Win Place Home

Win Place Home
Travel Bound, a gelding by Midnight Lute, was the first horse to go through Win Place Home. He is now enjoying a second career as a jumper with his new owner. Credit: David Potter
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    Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

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    Canyon County, California

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  • Average Number of Thoroughbreds


Win Place Home, founded in October 2015, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates opportunities and hope for retired racehorses in Southern California.

Win Place Home’s unique skill set allows it to rehab almost any injury and to intensively retrain horses. The organization spends the time to assess each horse’s potential, determine the appropriate new lifestyle that will match their skill and interest (such as trail riding, jumping, dressage, etc.), and train them for that new career.

Win Place Home focuses on the whole horse, retraining not just their bodies but also their minds, moving them slowly away from the hyperactive life of a racehorse into their unique futures.

The organization also spends time to ensure successful placement, with extensive interviewing and tryouts to be sure that each horse finds its perfect match and home.

Win Place Home’s blend of broad expertise, deep contacts in the local racing community, and collaborative approach with its growing community of supporters, donors, peers, and partners has been the foundation of its early success.

C.J. Wilson, founder and trainer, says that it is the knowledge and care for horses that comes first.

“There is nothing which makes me happier than helping animals,” Wilson said. “I am very passionate in my work with retired racehorses and helping them to maximize their potential to bring warmth and happiness to others.

“I have been riding since 1983 and working with horses since 1997. I have worked with trainers, owners, and vets from all equine disciplinary backgrounds, and to be able to give back to these horses who have done so much for us is a dream come true.”

Combating society’s views that racehorses at the end of their racing careers are “done,” Win Place Home brings a nurturing, disciplined approach to ensuring these horses have a productive and successful post-racing life. Win Place Home believes every horse can have a great future.

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