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All About Accreditation & Inspections

All About Accreditation & Inspections

By: Samantha Smith

You may wonder what makes Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance unique in its mission. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredits, inspects, and awards grants to approved aftercare organizations to retrain, retire, and rehome Thoroughbreds using industry-wide funding. The accreditation and inspection process are fundamental to our efforts in supporting Thoroughbreds after racing, bringing integrity and assurance to the entire process.

Each year, the application cycle opens for organizations to apply for two-year accreditation status. The process involves a thorough review of five key areas based on the established Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Code of Standards. These five areas include: operations, education, horse health care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols.

Applications are due on April 1 of each year. More detailed information on the application requirements, as well as the application itself can be found on our website here.

After applications are submitted, they are reviewed. If you are approved after the application process, the next step is a site inspection for each of your facilities. Site inspections are conducted by Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance staff or representatives.

This thorough review process is set to ensure a comprehensive accreditation program which provides confidence in the organizations receiving accreditation and grants. This validation assures donors that their funds support entities with the highest standards of care for Thoroughbreds after racing. Additionally, it establishes a network of trusted organizations for industry professionals to confidently entrust their horses post-racing and for adopters to find Thoroughbreds for second careers. This ecosystem of trust enhances the welfare and safety of retired racehorses.

As we head into this year’s application season, we have put together a short video series to provide insight into the accreditation and inspection process. Join Janice Towles, Director of Accreditation & Grants, and Suzie Picou-Oldham, Inspections Administrator, as they share insights into their roles, answer common questions, and delve into the details of Accreditation and Inspection.

Questions that will be answered include:

  • What is Thoroughbred aftercare?
  • What is accreditation in Thoroughbred aftercare?
  • Why is accreditation important to the industry?
  • What are the basic requirements to submit an application?
  • Once you are accredited, how long does it last and how often do you need to re-apply?
  • Does everyone who is accredited receive a grant? What if you don’t need a grant but still want to be accredited, is this allowed?
  • After you apply for accreditation, what is the next step?
  • If you have multiple facilities, do all facilities need to be inspected, or just the main one?
  • Who conducts the inspections?
  • How often do you need to do inspections?
  • What things do you look for during an inspection?

Watch the videos below or find them on our social media and YouTube channel!

Play Video
Play Video

Part 1: Meet the Team

Part 2: What is Thoroughbred Aftercare

Play Video
Play Video

Part 3: The Accreditation Process

Part 4: More About Inspections

For more information and to apply visit:

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