Hope's Legacy Equine Rescue

Salty Rita, a 2017 OTTB, who came to Hope’s Legacy in 2022 and her foal, Anakin, who was born February 13, 2023.
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    Sanctuary, Retraining/Adoption, Rehabilitation

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    Afton, Virgina

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Since 2008, Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing equines in Virginia.

Founded by Executive Director Maya Proulx, Hope’s Legacy is an all-breed rescue that takes in equines from animal control seizures and owner surrenders. Since the pandemic started, more than 80 percent of our rescues have come from owners who physically or financially could no longer keep their animals. Our intake is growing at 30 percent or more every year, with 150 equines expected in 2024.

In 2017, Hope’s Legacy purchased 172 acres of farmland southwest of Charlottesville, VA. Now called Castle Rock Farm, we are actively building out this property to be a permanent resource for at-risk equines and their owners.

Plans include building an eight-stall intake barn (currently in progress!), a riding ring (2024), an 18-stall main barn (2025), and 40 acres of additional pasture. We currently have 33 acres fenced.

Our organization cannot survive without our terrific volunteers and donors. Our all-volunteer Equine Enrichment Program (EEP) Team works with our residents every week at their level. Most of our off-the-track Thoroughbreds are sent to professional trainers when they first arrive; their training is maintained by the EEP Team until that horse is adopted. Now in its fourth year, the Equine Enrichment Program has resulted in healthier horses, shorter stays at the rescue, and better information for potential adopters.

Our goal is to find wonderful, loving new homes for all our equines. However, those who are too old, sick, or in need of special care, are granted sanctuary and will spend the rest of their days at Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue.

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