Mingo Native

Mingo Native

During his time on the track, Mingo Native made 35 starts. The son of Native Ruler retired to TAA-accredited Thoroughbred Athletes with a record of 5-6-7 and earnings of $86,332. Charles Hackmann knew Thoroughbred Athletes’ Lynn Sullivan from the time he spent at the Oklahoma-based organization working to desensitize rescue horses. Hackmann was so impressed by the facility that when it came time for him to get a new horse he knew who to call.

“My horse had died recently and I reached out to Lynn to adopt one that maybe had been overlooked, and she said, ‘You need Mingo,” Hackmann recalled. “Mingo Native had a blemish on his leg and was constantly overlooked by potential adopters for months. He’s turned out to be nothing but personality and such a sweet boy. He always runs to other horses’ grain buckets, grabs a bite, then takes off back to his own. He’s hilarious.”

Since being adopted in the spring of 2020, the Iowa-bred is learning what it means to be a trail horse.

“‘Mingo’ had never seen trails and the first ride he was scared to walk through water,” Hackmann said. “The second time of showing him by walking him through (on foot) he got the courage to do it while (being ridden). He is a pleaser, loves attention, and his grain.”

Now, “Mingo” has found a best friend in his pasture mate Pablo, who was a rescue. When asked what his goal is for the gelding, Hackmann made it clear he just wants his horse to be happy and healthy.

“Give him a loving home the rest of his life and let him enjoy his relaxing life of trail rides and treats,” he said.