New Beginnings Thoroughbred Adoption Society

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    Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

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    Langley, BC, Canada

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New Stride is a registered charity dedicated to finding adoptive homes and alternative careers for Thoroughbred racehorses no longer able to compete.

The charity was founded in 2002 at Hastings Racecourse in western Canada by a group of concerned owners, breeders, and backstretch workers who sought to provide opportunities for dignified retirement for as many Thoroughbreds as possible.

New Stride has placed 185 Thoroughbreds into adoptive homes and assisted many owners and trainers in connecting horses coming off the track with opportunities for new careers.

New Stride offers assistance to Thoroughbred owners outside the racing community in the form of information, advice, and free advertising of horses for sale on its website.

Horses coming into the program arrive at the main intake farm, where they spend a few days to a few weeks settling in while being assessed.

The experienced, knowledgeable team of volunteers and caregivers get to know the horses before a retraining program begins from the ground up. Manners and control are assessed, then training continues in a program tailored to each horse’s needs. Riding also progresses at a pace suited to each individual horse.

Once the horse has mastered basic skills, he is listed on the organization’s website as available for adoption.

The adoption process begins with an application. Anyone wishing to adopt must visit, spend time with, and ride the horse of his or her choice. Potential adopters are screened through the application and in person. When a match is decided upon, an adoption contract must be signed, three equine-industry references must be submitted, and a farm visit by a New Stride representative must be conducted.

The adopter must stay in touch with New Stride for one year.

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