Second Chance Thoroughbreds

Second Chance Thoroughbreds

Hiclass Tenpin, who was adopted in 2017 by rider Makenna Walrath, competing at Second Chance’s Thoroughbred Jubilee Benefit Horse Show in 2019. Credit: Naimark Photography


Services: Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

Location: Spencer, NY

Founded: 2012


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 11


In September of 2011, Collette Duddy made her first trip to the backside of the Finger Lakes racetrack and was in awe of the quality of the horses and their bargain prices. Six horses traveled to Second Chance Thoroughbreds in Spencer, N.Y., that year to be retrained and re-homed. Second Chance Thoroughbreds board members Duddy, Robyn Null-Hancock, and Candace Kelly are all experienced horsewomen and volunteer their skills to the organization.

Besides retraining off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs), we also teach riding lessons and run a summer horsemanship program for youth. We attend community events such as parades, school programs, and local horse events. We demonstrate how versatile and trainable Thoroughbreds are. Hosting two horse shows a year provides added funds to our budget, and with the sponsorship of The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program, we offer classes and hig-point awards exclusively for Thoroughbreds at these shows.

Thoroughbreds are known for their athleticism, willingness, and desire to please. Second Chance Thoroughbreds is proud to showcase those qualities when representing its horses in the community.

TAA accreditation is the gold standard in Thoroughbred aftercare, and its accreditation has opened up more sponsorship opportunities for our organization to provide the absolute best care for our beloved Thoroughbreds while they await their forever home.

Now in our eighth year, our mission remains the same: to provide OTTBs with a soft landing after the end of their racing careers by giving them ample rehabilitation and retraining, transitioning them to a new career. Thoroughbreds are known for their athleticism, heart and desire to please. Ride an OTTB today!