Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana

25-year-old Yasha Pasha, a founding member of Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana.
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    Sanctuary, Rehabilitation, Adoption

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    Covington, Louisiana

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Founded in 2009 by Cynthia Morgan-D’Atrio, Ph.D., the mission of the Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana is:  1) To offer owners, breeders, and trainers of Thoroughbred racehorses a retraining, retirement and respite facility, 2) To rescue Thoroughbreds who have been neglected, harmed, abused or who are at risk of going to slaughter, and 3) To educate the public and those in the racing industry about ways to retire their horses successfully and to teach others about retraining ex-racers.

TRNL is committed to establishing a quality foundation for each horse with whom we work. Our retraining efforts focus on each horse’s individual strengths and on developing horses that are safe to work with, balanced, and doing what they enjoy. Horses are allowed as much time as needed to “come down” and to overcome psychological and physical barriers that may present when introduced to a new stage of life and job.

Horses in the TRNL program come from various sources including owner, trainer, breeder donations, auction houses, and kill pens. TRNL has a few special permanent residents who may also serve as ambassadors of the breed and are shown at local and recognized shows.

The most important part of our adoption process is that there is an excellent match between the horse and the adopter.  We prefer that our horses be placed in forever homes with individuals and families who will love and spoil them for the remainder of their lives. At the time of adoption, we do our best to disclose as much information as possible to our adopters so that all needs of each horse may be met successfully in their new home.

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