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finally home for burning bluegrass

Finally Home For Burning Bluegrass

By: Alexis Arbaugh

Alana with her distinctive leopard top and Kitten navigating a barrel

Racing For Home Inc., a Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance-accredited organization, recently shared a heartwarming success story. It all began when they discovered a large group of horses for auction in Ohio. While most had found homes through various aftercare groups, two mares, Burning Bluegrass and Simply Belonging, were still in need. Despite space constraints, Racing For Home Inc. decided to take them both in, hopeful for their future.

Fortunately, they had the support of Nacho Barron, a compassionate farrier who agreed to temporarily host the mares on his farm. “Our wonderful farrier Nacho Barron was willing to hold the horses at his farm until we could place them,” said Racing For Home Inc. Soon after giving the horses their well-deserved letdown period on his farm, Racing For Home Inc. successfully adopted out Simply Belonging to a family in Rhode Island who by chance also had her half-brother.

However, finding a suitable home for Burning Bluegrass proved more challenging. Another aftercare group initially took her in, hoping to use her in their training program. She was a great lesson horse, and eventually, one of the students offered to give her a good home. However, the girl was not prepared for the amount of work training and owning a horse full-time was, so Burning Bluegrass was returned to the organization and ultimately ended back at Racing For Home Inc.

Nacho Barron with Burning Bluegrass “Kitten” and her rider Alana (right).
Alana with New Hampshire Championship

Once again, Nacho Barron extended his kindness, offering to integrate Burning Bluegrass into his lesson program. Renamed “Kitten,” she thrived under his care, particularly excelling as a barrel horse for his student, Alana Riendeau. Their partnership blossomed, with Kitten and Alana steadily climbing the ranks in barrel competitions, culminating in their victory at the New Hampshire 4D Championship.

Their success garnered attention, with Alana donning a leopard print top in honor of her horse’s name, while Kitten sported leopard bell boots. At a recent competition in Syracuse, the PA announcer added a playful touch by introducing them with a “meow” sound after each entry, much to the delight of the crowd.

The journey of Burning Bluegrass, now affectionately known as Kitten, serves as a testament to the perseverance and transformative bond between horse and rider. Thanks to the commitment of Racing For Home Inc. and the unwavering support of Nacho Barron, Kitten found her forever home and continues to shine in the competitive arena alongside her dedicated partner, Alana Riendeau.

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