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Let's Get It Did

Let's Get It Did

By: Alexis Arbaugh

After riding and competing on ponies, Camden Conway was ready to step up to a horse. After a lot of thinking, Camden’s father concluded that adopting a horse would be the best course of action to find Camden a new horse.

In 2021, Camden received her new horse as a Christmas present. Let’s Get It Did is a 2018 bay mare who ran a total of 3 times at Woodbine Racetrack. Camden’s father adopted her from LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Let’s Get It Did is now affectionately known as Diddy. Camden’s father was delighted that the mare “jumped over the 4-foot fence” when he arrived at LongRun. He had actually planned on adopting a different horse more suitable to what Camden needed but ultimately, he was amazed by the scope and athleticism of Diddy, so he adopted Diddy instead.

Shortly after bringing home Diddy, Camden and Diddy competed in their first show where they rode in the walk/trot cross rail division. The pair did well, placing 1st in the equitation over fences, 4th in the equitation under saddle, and 6th in the hunter under saddle. Their next competition was a Silver Series show where they entered in the 0.60 and 0.70-meter jumpers. This was before Camden realized that Diddy needed more jump underneath her for her to make an effort over the jumps – the small jumps were too easy for her. For their last Silver Series Show, Camden and Diddy were entered in the 0.80-0.90 classes to encourage her “to actually pick up her feet,” wrote Camden. The pair placed in every 0.80 class and received 3rd and 8th out of a large group in the 0.90-meter.

After many jumper shows, Diddy seemed to settle in nicely to the horse show life. Camden believed that she was ready to compete in a hunter derby. “She completely exceeded both my and my coach’s expectations as she got an 84 in the 2’6/2’9 derby which got her 4th in the class,” wrote Camden.

Camden has her eyes set on a bright future with Diddy. She hopes to show in the 1.00 and 1.10-meter next show season. Camden wants Diddy to be the horse that she can “move up the heights with.” The 1.10 Grand Prix in the Silver Series is one of their goals. She also hopes to “get her into some jumper medals as well as the 3’/3’3 derbies for fun,” Camden wrote. Another goal for them is to compete in the Thoroughbred jumper classes and the U25 jumper classes that are on the Gold circuit.

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