South Florida SPCA

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Services:  Rehabilitation, Retraining/Adoption

Location: Homestead, Fl

Founded: 1992


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Average Number of Thoroughbreds: 10-15


South Florida SPCA acquires off-track Thoroughbreds in one of two ways, either at the request of our collaborating racetracks or when a Thoroughbred has retired from the track and has already moved into the general population of horses. The horses that we get directly from the track are in good health but generally require some rehabilitation and retraining prior to being properly adopted and re-homed. Unfortunately, sometimes the Thoroughbreds that find their way among the general population find themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

We are grateful for our partnership with Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance as it allows us to serve both populations of Thoroughbreds. Working with TAA provides the opportunity to assist in giving an equine athlete a second chance at being an amazing horse in another venue or a chance to be a much beloved family horse or whatever life best suits that horse, but it also allows us to rescue and rehabilitate Thoroughbreds that have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances due to the failings of humans.

Once a Thoroughbred has become a member of the South Florida SPCA horse population, they are guaranteed to always and forever have a safe space to return to. South Florida SPCA guarantees that all our horses are able to return, at any time under any circumstances. After going through a rigorous adoption application process, horses that are adopted are followed up on to ensure a successful adoption. Our trainer is also willing to and has provided follow-up training and tips specific to each individual horse to assist in transitions to new owners.

We are proud to be accredited by TAA as it speaks to our meeting the highest of standards! We are proud to serve such amazing and beautiful horses as the Thoroughbred. We are and will continue to collaborate with TAA to ensure that Thoroughbreds have access to their best lives after their career as a racehorse.


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