TAA Announces Accreditation of 34 Organizations

Tad Coffin with TAA sign

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance announced today that 34 Thoroughbred aftercare organizations have been awarded accreditation effective immediately.

The list of 34 organizations includes 27 that were reaccredited and seven that have received accreditation for the first time. The TAA, the only accrediting body in Thoroughbred aftercare, now has a network of 70 accredited organizations with approximately 150 facilities in North America.

Congratulations to the aftercare organizations that earned TAA accreditation, they should be proud of their organizations for reaching such high standards and in return they will be rewarded with the immense value that the gold standard of accreditation brings,” TAA president John Phillips said. “The TAA accreditation process examines every detail of an aftercare organization. For our donors, supporters, and the industry, it shows that these accredited organizations are taking proper care of our horses after they are finished racing.

“The TAA recognizes the importance of expanding into new areas within North America where there were previously no accredited organizations. The TAA is proud to newly accredit these organizations as this expansion demonstrates the growing aftercare movement within the Thoroughbred industry.”

The 34 organizations that received accreditation this year are: After The Races, Bright Futures Farm, CANTER Michigan, Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare Inc., Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, Down the Stretch Ranch, Equestrian Inc., Equine Advocates Inc., Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation Inc., Final Furlong, Finger Lakes Thoroughbred Adoption Program, Friends of Ferdinand Inc., Galloping Out, Harmony and Hope Horse Haven Inc., Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Inc., Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds, Illinois Equine Humane Center, Los Angeles Pet Rescue, Mitchell Farm, Oklahoma Thoroughbred Retirement Program, Our Mims Retirement Haven, Outside In Inc., R.A.C.E. Fund, Remember Me Rescue, RVR Horse Rescue, Second Chance Thoroughbreds, Second Stride Inc., Square Peg Foundation, Susan S. Donaldson Foundation, The Foxie G Foundation Inc., Thoroughbred Athletes, Thoroughbred Retirement Network of Louisiana, Tranquility Farm, and War Horses at Rose Bower.

TAA-accredited organizations undergo a thorough application and inspection process prior to accreditation being awarded to ensure they meet the TAA’s Code of Standards, which covers five key areas: operations, education, horse health care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols. Facility inspections are conducted at all facilities housing Thoroughbreds for each organization. Ongoing updates and re-inspections are required of all organizations as a condition of TAA accreditation.

Initially organizations will be re-accredited every other year, with intervening random inspections to ensure that the TAA’s Code of Standards is consistently upheld.

All organizations that hold TAA accreditation are eligible to receive financial grants to support the care of their Thoroughbreds. Grant applications are currently being reviewed and the total grant amount awarded by the TAA will be announced by the end of 2018.

The full list of the 70 organizations, information about the accreditation process, and TAA’s Code of Standards is available online.